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Before starting HAVN™, I was a member of the Army’s elite 3rd Ranger Battalion, a Recon/Sniper team-member in 2nd/130th Infantry, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt, and a Private Protection Detail Leader at a respected international security firm. I have been fortunate to learn from many great people and several years of hands-on experience.

While deployed to Iraq, I served as a military advisor and trainer to the Iraqi government and armed forces. I led over 150 missions and consulted on a wide range of security issues.

As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student, I built on my military training and learned about combat, discipline, self-control, and decision-making under pressure – this time from a different perspective.

I then learned to apply these lessons to the private sector when I served as a protector for high-net-worth individuals and public figures.

After ten years of managing private protection teams at a prestigious international security firm, I recognized an opportunity to provide more personalized protection plans that better align with our client’s businesses and lifestyles.

While we respect the legacy companies operating today, we humbly believe that HAVN™ is the future of private security for the world’s elite individuals and families. As we learn from the past, we must adapt and build better security solutions for the future. These solutions must protect our clients’ physical security and privacy while simultaneously providing a better lifestyle.

As you consider your private security options, please consider HAVN™ as a trusted resource.

We are at your service.

Alan Millette

Private security based in Los Angeles

HAVN™ is a premier private security firm based in Los Angeles, CA. We primarily serve high-net-worth individuals, executives, or public figures and their families and estates. Discretion is part of our DNA, and we understand the unique security challenges facing our clients (stalking, for example). We have grown organically by meeting our clients’ needs and protecting their lives, assets, and privacy. 

Security as a calling and a lifestyle

Our mission is to ensure the safety of the clients we are protecting. Accordingly, we must be mentally and physically prepared for any situation.

In addition to many years of on-the-job private security experience, we also utilize the tenets of elite military training, martial arts, and competitive sports.

Intelligence, physical fitness, preparedness, training, and experience are the cornerstones of any HAVN™ agent.

We strive to avoid conflict at all costs or quickly deescalate a situation. However, we are also well-trained and prepared to handle almost any threat to your physical security.

Tailored Solutions & Decentralized Management

At HAVN™, no two clients are the same. Accordingly, no two security details are the same. We pride ourselves on creating custom-tailored solutions based on our threat assessment and our client’s specific needs. Read more about how much bodyguard services cost.

Our embedded teams must have an excellent rapport with the individuals they are protecting. Since personality is a significant factor, HAVN™ doesn’t have plug-and-play teams but rather custom-built security details subject to client trial and approval. Our goal is to build security teams that mesh well with our clients and meet our strict operational requirements.

Further, our security teams operate under a decentralized management model. During a real threat, HAVN™ agents have the authority to ensure client safety without waiting for orders from a head office.

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