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Let's build your HAVN™

When standard security systems or services aren’t enough, build a HAVN™ around you and your loved ones with special-ops and law-enforcement-trained security agents.

A Premier Private Security Company
Your personal Secret Service

A Premier Private Security Company
Your personal Secret Service

HAVN™ is a private security company based in Los Angeles, CA with service worldwide. We primarily serve high net-worth individuals, executives, or public figures. There are many reasons to hire a bodyguard service. Because of our unique clientele, discretion is part of our DNA and we understand the unique security challenges facing individuals and families of public interest. HAVN™ has grown organically by meeting their needs and protecting their lives, assets and privacy.

Private Security for Individuals & Estates

Every home should be a safe haven. Unfortunately, the security and privacy concerns facing public figures and high-net-worth individuals threaten both safety and peace of mind (celebrity stalking, for example). HAVN exists to return safety and privacy to elite families and individuals. Check out our article on the cost of personal bodyguard services.

Corporate Executive Protection

Nothing should impede your life's work - especially your own success. Unfortunately, prosperity often means additional security and privacy concerns. At HAVN™, we are experts in executive protection. Our mission to to ensure our client's well-being so they can continue to thrive as top performers.

Travel & Transportation Security

We have extensive personal security experience for all travel scenarios, whether you're traveling by car service, air, or any other transportation method. As a result, HAVN™ can secure your movements anytime or anywhere you need us.

Private Security Companies Compared
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Direct Hire
Big Box
Security Firms
Top Execs & Public Figure Specialty
Teams Custom-Built for Client
Licensed by BSIS
Fully Insured
Elite Military & MMA Training
Decentralized "Special Operations" Management

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements, our client list is confidential.

Service Area

HAVN™ has embedded security agents in homes and offices throughout Southern California and beyond.

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